Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this contract shall be deemed united by reference into any program hereto or order for data referring to this contract tagging the target data and such other supplementary terms and conditions as the parties may settle, including pricing.

Gilbert Data is engaged in the publishing, manufacture, delivering, reselling and licensing of trademarked databases and providing correlated marketing services, and has the privileges to do so, and however, CLIENT wants to use such services to affix data to its company file on the terms and conditions set forth herein. Now consequently in the deliberation of the locations set forth mutual possibilities, contracts, and conditions specified here, the parties agree as follows:

1. If you have purchased one of the Gilbert Data Services, the contents of the Site are projected for your personal, non-commercial use only.
2. Gilbert Data may inflict limits on certain structures and functionality or confine your access to parts or all of our service offerings without notice or obligation.
3. The Site comprises copyrighted notices and patent information, the terms of which must be perceived and followed.
4. Our company statistics may be way out and we may make mistakes when extracting the info.
5. Gilbert Data may alternate, overhang or withdraw any feature of services at any time, including the availability of any database, or content.
6. You reach a decision to fulfill with all central and state laws in the custom of any of the data acquired through the Site, explicitly including, but not restricted to, email addresses.

The following terms of procedure represent an authorized agreement between you and Gilbert Data.

By accessing or using our company data you acknowledge that you have recited, understood, and agree to our Terms and conditions and to obey all valid laws and regulations. If you agree to this state of affairs, you are approved an in exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable license to use our data only under these Terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms, you have no right to use our information.

1) Our data may be used only by you if you agree this Terms and conditions which you may not charge, lease or transfer the info or any data exist on it or any of your privileges under this contract to anyone else. You may not develop or originate for commercial sale, any data in any form of integrates or using our information. Excluding with the preceding written agreement of our company, no documents that exist in may be transferred or made available by you to any individual or entity. Damage of this limitation on use shall result in instant termination service and lands for legal action against you. Use can be made for viable purposes only after payment of Gilbert Data standard fees for one or more of our Services (Call +1 212-372-7547 for more details).

2) We guarantee that 90% deliverability of the custom list; Email appending provided with this contract will be precise and 50% deliverability on our Stand-alone lists. The Guarantee will be restricted to delivery of additional records. We hereby renounce fast or obscure warranties, as well as the implicit warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, correctness, features, precision, extensiveness or dependability, for any data or service provided hereunder.

3) In no incident shall we be legally responsible for direct, indirect, distinct, standard, significant or disciplinary damage or loss for any privilege or cause of exploit related to or arising out of this contract or the services performed here. Our responsibility at all times will be restricted to the purchase price paid by the client drawback any delivery expenses acquired by us.

4) You agree that it is your duty to understand and obey with all central, state, and local rules and regulations including do not call and do not fax regulations. You agree to protect and hold Gilbert Data and its divisions harmless against all claims associated, in whole for your failure to obey with such rules and regulations. For the purpose of determining any disagreement in any way related to your use of the data, or this terms and conditions, the state and central courts located in California shall have high-class authority. You agree that such courts represent appropriate forums for this drive.

5) Gilbert Data assembles its databases from different sources. We cannot assume any responsibility for the exactness or inclusiveness of the data. You will have 30 days after purchasing the data to survey and notify us of further operational problems or material mistakes with regards to the info. If our company is notified of an operational problem or material inaccuracy within 30 days from the date of your purchase then we will correct the problem or as an alternative, we will provide additional records if needed relating to the substantially mistaken information. This is a restricted warranty and our company makes no other warranties, fast or indirect, including without restriction, and any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose. In no event shall Gilbert Data be responsible for the loss of revenues, resulting, supplementary, or special damages, or other rights of a similar nature. If this restricted warranty should miscarry of its essential purpose, and in all other cases, Gilbert Data entire responsibility shall be limited to the amount actually received by our company on account of your purchase.

The Client Records and all other data will remain confidential and will not be resold by the client. CLIENT will pay us earlier to purchase of the list or provision of Marketing Services.

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