What is the dimension of your Email Record?

Our database comprehends approximately 68 million Business2Business and 500 million Business2Consumer database.

What is the dimension of your direct mail Record?

Our database comprehends approximately 80 million Business2Business and 790 million Business2Consumer database

How is your data accumulated?

Approximately 5,000 to 6,000 Yellow and White Page indexes, Federal, State and lower level government data, Public Chronicles, State Licensing Boards, Phone Directories, Web Forms, Online and Offline Reviews, Business cards, Trade Shows, Company Data Supplier, B2B Portals and Leading Newspapers and Magazines Subscriptions, New business listings and integrations, and much more.

How often do you upgrade your data?

This is all relying on the in-house data set. We upgrade assured records weekly and some once in a month, whereas others get updated regularly. Our leading squads of corporate and client information are updated regularly. If not noted, please ask and we will tell you when the dataset was last updated. We conceit ourselves on being able to offer new, explicit data at a reasonable price.

How is the data provided?

We will deliver Data to the client via Email (Excel Format) or FTP a link for download. We can also post a CD or DVD with the complete data files paying an extra price along with delivery charges.

How much do email list and email matching services charges?

Pricing can differ depending on the category of the list you have preferred, the number of names, and demographics what and how much you have picked.

What format do you offer your data in?

We can deliver our data in the subsequent formats: Microsoft Excel (.csv), Microsoft Excel (.xls), and Notepad (.txt), ACT!

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